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Activate total protection using our full suite of antivirus, VPN, ad-block, secure file vault, webcam security & more on up to 5 devices.

We Take Digital Privacy Seriously

Digital Privacy

Empowering Your Digital Privacy

In today's interconnected world, safeguarding your digital life is vital. Activate Security offers a comprehensive solution, combining cutting-edge antivirus, VPN, secure document management, and more. Reclaim control of your digital privacy with peace of mind.

Digital Privacy

Securing Your Life Online

Protecting your personal information is paramount. Activate Security empowers you against cyber threats, ensuring your online activities remain private and secure. Take charge of your safety today.

Digital Privacy

Regain Your Digital Confidence

Experience true privacy with Activate Security. Our powerful software protects your webcams, microphones, and sensitive documents from prying eyes. Embrace the freedom of online privacy again.

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Activate Security Empowers Your Digital Privacy

Comprehensive Virus Protection

Activate Security shields your computer from malware, spyware, viruses, ransomware, and more.

Secured VPN Gateways

Enjoy secure browsing, shopping, streaming, and socializing with more than 20 global connection choices.

Annoying Ad Thwarting

Activate Security includes an Ad Blocking feature for smoother and faster browsing.

Encrypted Login Credentials

Safeguard your chosen website login credentials within a secure digital vault, deterring criminals from unauthorized access.

Proactive Personal Information Check

Activate Security identifies exposed personal data, allowing swift resolution of potential risks.

Webcam and Microphone Defense

Block malicious hacking attempts on your webcams and microphones, ensuring your home life privacy.

Automatic Tracking Cookie Blocker

Set and forget the feature to block suspicious cookies, enhancing your browsing experience.

Financial and Medical Document Protection

Advanced file encryption safeguards critical financial and medical documents in one secure location.

Dark Web Scanning

Our experts developed an algorithm to scan the dark web for your information, minimizing exposure after data breaches.

Industry Leading Protection For Today's Digital World

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